How To Affiliate Marketing Video Takeover Review

How To Affiliate Marketing Video Takeover Review

Today, I’m reviewing Video Takeover; Finally, A Way To Put Your Review And Bonus Videos on, not only Your Own site, but Other People’s Sales Pages, as well. It’s really pretty cool.

Use the POWER of VIDEO and SCARCITY on ANY page for more sales, profits, and branding!

By just following our EASY 4-step system, you can start seeing commissions as early as TODAY!

Add review/bonus videos to ANY page, even ones you don’t own for any and all of your affiliate promotions (If you don’t have any videos or bonuses, no worries; the system provides those FOR you)

Stream a LIVE Google Hangout on someone ELSE’S sales page

Add scarcity timers to your affiliate links & promotions

Cloud-based software.  You don’t need your own website OR hosting

Unlimited usage, no monthly fee

Click tracking analytics


Built-in retargeting for cheap traffic; Retarget ANYONE who clicks on your affiliate link for even MORE commissions

“Legally” Hijack other people’s sales pages and use them to make YOU affiliate commissions

Free updates for life

Literally, copy Brett’s campaign
that made him over $8,199.64 in 24 hours

Free training from 2 top affiliate marketers on how to get traffic and build an online business

100% transparent case study on how Brett made $8,199.64 (he reveals EVERYTHING)

Maybe you’ve been selling affiliate products for a while now, but haven’t seen the success yet for all the effort you’ve put in.  Well, with Video Takeover you’ll have an UNFAIR advantage over all your competitors.

Video Takeover Is A Unique Affiliate Marketing System that includes both the software & training to build your affiliate marketing business.

You’re not only getting the software, but you’re getting TRAINING on how to make money with it as well…from two 7-figure affiliate marketers!

If you follow me I’ll take you on a tour of ‘Video Takeover’.

Below, I’ll show you each section of the Back Office so that you can see everything that’s included with the All-Inclusive, Video Takeover System.


There are MANY training videos available in your ‘back office’.

This is the Dashboard / Home Page.  When you log in, this is the page you will start on.  This is where the the training videos for creating ‘bars’, ‘boxes’ & ‘pages’ are located.

Video Takeover

The next page is where you create your ‘bars’ for placing on your site(s) or others’ sales pages.

You have lots of options to make your ‘bars’ unique.
  • Bar Name, Colour, Font, Texture, Position
  • Text Size & Colour
  • Countdown Type; date or evergreen
  • Countdown Time
  • Text or Video
  • End Text
  • Redirect URL
  • Button Graphic; stock graphic that comes with Video Takeover System or your own customized graphic

And with each change you make, you can see in ‘real time’ what your finished bar will look like.

There are many ‘Step by Step’ videos to take you through Each Section of Video Takeover, starting with ‘how to create a bar’.

  ‘Real Time’


When I first purchased Video Takeover, there wasn’t a ‘My Widgets’ section.   Besides there being a ‘top-notch’ Support system in place, the program continues to be updated, now, including the new ‘widgets’ section.

If you just want a basic countdown for your website of choice, you could create a simple ‘widget’.

This is basically, what the ‘widget’ would look like on a website.

This is the section for creating ‘boxes’.  If for any reason you don’t want to create your own video, not a problem as there are several ‘done-for-you’ videos that you can choose, from the ‘stock’ footage.  Couldn’t be any easier when it’s actually, Done FOR You.

Even if you choose a ‘stock video’, you still have a lot of design choices of how you want your box to look, where on the page you want it placed & how you want your box to respond.

If you get stuck creating your ‘box’, which isn’t likely as it’s super easy to do, there is a ‘step by step’ tutorial, to guide you.



‘My Pages’ is where you configure Video Takeover to show your ‘bars’ and ‘boxes’ over other peoples’ sales pages.

You just put the ‘target URL’  of the sales page where you want your ‘scarcity bar’ or ‘box’ to show up.  You will then have the option of putting in ashort code‘.  Using short code is optional, but is used for putting in a customized link, that will show up in the address bar     when your prospective customer opens up the sales page.

Are you beginning to see how easy it can be to make money affiliate marketing with Video Takeover?

You have ‘done for you’ videos, no hosting fees nor do you need your own website AND all the training necessary, for you to start making money, as soon as today.

Here’s a short, sample demo I created, to give you an idea, how putting a ‘scarcity bar’ on someone’s sales page, would look.

[vsw id=”CfQGY0BwnbA” source=”youtube” width=”320″ height=”180″ autoplay=”no”]





Bonus Training

There are also Many Bonus Training Videos that teaches you;

  • how to get free traffic
  • list building
  • creating ads for the most traffic
  • case studies
  • building a site
  • how to use SEO and Google profitably



And as our special bonuses, when you purchase the ‘Video Takeover’ program, you’ll also receive several Professionally Developed Softwares that you can give away as bonuses in your own promotions, to SKYROCKET your commissions, which include the following:

What if YOU had a SECRET WEAPON that gave you an ADVANTAGE over all the so-called experts?  Would you want it?  Come on, of course you would!

If you’re truly serious about building a real and profitable online business

Don’t forget to use ‘coupon code – vt5off’ for your discount.

And if you choose not to purchase Video Takeover, at this time, I’m still including 4 Bonuses, as a ‘thank you’ for hanging out here and checking out this review.  So, please feel free to grab any or all of the plugins below.  Just click on each plugin to download.  Enjoy 🙂

Jack Jacker

Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                         Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                         Ads ~ Build Your List For Free



Feel free to download the 4 plugins, with my compliments, just for checking out, ‘Jacquie’s Reviews’.













… and don’t forget to claim your FREE Jack Jacker plugin.


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