Get A Free Website With Instaffiliate Review

Get A Free Website With Instaffiliate Review

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Today, I’m doing a review on how to get a free website with Instaffiliate, fully monetized and ready to start making you money.

This is such a good deal.  How often do you find an offer where you can get a free website.  And these aren’t just any old ‘ugly’ rush job sites.  These are beautiful looking blogs.

Each time one of your referrals create an account to get a free website you’ll earn $5 if you are a ‘paid’ member (if you’re on the free Instaffiliate plan, then you’re limited to 10 leads and payment will be made as a discount code).

Only ‘paid’ members are eligible to receive payments ‘in cash’ and there are no limits on the number of referrals.

You will be paid at the end of each month; $50 for every 10 ‘valid’ referrals. You could end up waiting to be paid for your referrals, as long as 2 months, as this time is used for ‘validating’ referrals. This, to me doesn’t make much sense.

When I first joined in order to get a free website with Instaffiliate , the most I had to do, was click on an email link to confirm my email was genuine. So, did the person who referred me to Instaffiliate, have to wait 2 months to get paid? I like this program & I’m happy I found it but it’s hardly a perfect system.

All the same, if you are looking for a ‘free’ or inexpensive way of starting an online business, Instaffiliate could be the way to go.

Any ‘monies’ you make in commissions on your ‘free’ blogs, are paid to you by Clickbank, NOT Instaffiliate, so you will be paid on a regular schedule; no 2 month, validation period, required, so this is a good thing.

There are several ways of getting paid; cash (paypal, payoneer), gift card (Amazon), or coupon codes, it’s completely up to you, when you are a ‘paid’ member.

Remember, ‘free’ members only get paid on their first 10 referrals & only in a coupon discount, which can then be used against the price of your choice of ‘paid’ memberships, shown below.

If you’re part of the Premium, Elite or Performance packages, you’ll have access to Instaffiliate’s ‘profit boosting’ system. This is where they add a layer of marketing automation, for you.

Click here for your own completely ‘done for you’ system.

Whenever someone visits one of your pages on any of your websites, the page is then ‘tagged’ with your unique Clickbank ID. 

Whenever anyone subscribes (by filling the form in the sidebar of any of the websites), they then become “attached” to your account and tagged with your Clickbank ID.

So, any time Instaffiliate emails them, they will click on one of YOUR links and you will earn more commissions and money that way.

Ads will also be shown on their frequented websites, so anytime they click on the ad, they are still ‘tagged’ with your Clickbank ID, so if they make a purchase, you receive the commission, even if months from the initial contact.

Why should you take advantage of this offer to get a free website with Instaffiliate?:
  • the copy-writing
  • email scheduling
  • offer selections
  • content optimization
  • click optimization
  • email deliverability
  • ISP handling

and so on… so that YOU don’t have to.

To access your leads, you can request an export once a month.  You will then be sent a csv file. This is an area where the back office needs improvement. We should have access to ALL leads, auto-responder emails, everything having to do with our accounts. But presently, the back office isn’t set up in this way.

You don’t need hosting or a domain name; Instaffiliate will host your site free, as part of their program.  You can choose though, to use your own domain. There are ‘step by step’ instructions, for this, if needed.

Get a free website with Instaffiliate.

Instafilliate also has ‘live chat’ on site, for any time you may have questions or need support. I’ve used this option several times & they respond quickly & often have ‘agents’ available.

So, to recap;

  • you get a free website with Instaffiiate, fully monetized (I received several monetized blogs & you may, also)
  • if you upgrade, many more benefits such as ‘done for you’ options, to grow your business much faster & easier
  • step by step training which includes videos
  • excellent support

So, I would certainly recommend Instaffiliate if you’re looking for an online business opportunity!  But, you don’t even need to use this system for the business of making money from giving free sites away.  You could just take the free Clickbank ‘blogs’ you receive and promote those.  That way you would be making commissions from the products you sell.   It’s free content on a free website that is even hosted for you, free.  You see a running theme, here 😉 ?

So, click the button below to get a free website with Instaffiliate, today.

And if you choose not to get a free website with Instaffiliate, at this time, I’m still including 4 Bonuses, as a ‘thank you’ for hanging out here and checking out this review. So, please feel free to grab any or all of the plugins below. Just click on each plugin to download. Enjoy 🙂

Jack Jacker

Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                          Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                          Ads ~ Build Your List For Free



Feel free to download the 4 plugins, with my compliments, just for checking out, ‘Jacquie’s Reviews’.








… and don’t forget to claim your FREE Jack Jacker plugin.



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