How To Clickbank Affiliate with CBProAds Review

How To Clickbank Affiliate with CBProAds Review

PRO: Ready made, fully monetized ClickBank store pre-loaded with thousands of products.
CON: none that I have found as I use this program, myself.

Today, I’ll be reviewing how to make money as a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds.

If you’re looking for a home business opportunity that is simple and even FREE, why not check out how YOU to can be a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds.

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      If you keep reading, you will soon  see,
     where CBProAds can greatly help you with this.

     The earning potential with Clickbank products is
     virtually limitless. 

     Clickbank offers anywhere from 50 – 75% commissions
     on the affiliate sales of many of their products.

    These are impressive figures on their own, but when
     you compare them with other affiliate Market Places,…

as seen in the chart, below. As a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds, you can MAKE MORE MONEY using the UNIQUE tools provided, such as the Ad Generator, Store Fronts & WordPress Plugins; all of which are available to ‘free’ members.  Display Clickbank ads on your site when you become a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds containing 13,000+ products, embedding YOUR Clickbank Affiliate ID in EACH product! Although, ‘free’ members have their Clickbank ID embedded only 50% of the time.
Being A Clickbank Affiliate With CBProAds:
  •      they are trusted by 30,000+ members since 2006
  •      provide the highest number of tools to the members!
  •      have FREE and PREMIUM membership options
  •      display only REDEFINED title & descriptions of Clickbank products
  •      remove JUNK/Domain-Expired Clickbank products
  •      display Cover Images/Banners of each Clickbank product
  •      UPDATE Clickbank Marketplace automatically done for you DAILY!

As in this example, CBProAds, offers REDEFINED ads of each Clickbank product! In the process of redefinition, changes are made, so as to improve the title and description of Clickbank products, making them much more attractive to potential buyers. Thus more redefined!

Following, are a few ‘screenshots’ of what your CBProAds ‘back office’ will offer in way of your CB sites & settings:

Where you’ll find ALL your CB Sites; from your main store front to each of the ‘niche’ websites that are included in your account.

Become a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds today, for free.

And where you will find all the settings, for each of your sites, to personalize them to your preferences.

You have both the ‘above’ options when using CBProAds.

As a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds, your Free account will include several ‘niche’ websites, same as with a ‘Pro’ account.

You also, don’t need any hosting or a domain name, so this makes for a really good way of starting an online affiliate business at little to no cost.

BUT, with a free account, you won’t get paid commissions for ALL products as you would with a PRO account.

The one-time fee for a Pro account is really inexpensive, especially if you get in on the ‘special’ upgrade, price.

I have a pro plan with CBProAds, but you can use the site as a free member for as long as you want.

You can upgrade at any time if you choose to do so, but it is hardly a requirement.  I was a free member for quite some time before finally deciding to take advantage of the benefits of an upgrade.


And if you choose not to become a Clickbank affiliate with CBProAds, at this time, I’m still including 4 Bonuses, as a ‘thank you’ for hanging out here and checking out this review. So, please feel free to grab any or all of the plugins below. Just click on each plugin to download. Enjoy 🙂

Jack Jacker

Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                          Ads ~ Build Your List For Free                            Ads ~ Build Your List For Free



Feel free to download the 4 plugins, with my compliments, just for checking out, ‘Jacquie’s Reviews’.








… and don’t forget to claim your FREE Jack Jacker plugin.



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